About us

We are a couple of hippies/agricultural enthusiasts with a passion to grow, create and inspire! Our goal is to live healthy and sustainably while sharing our love for nature's ingredients through our handmade goods.

Covet began as a small idea, but has blossomed into a passion to create our own bath products, foods & heal ourselves from the inside out. This idea grew & became a journey to spread the word of natural skin care, natural foods & loving your own skin while truly taking care of yourself. We have been inspired to be a positive light and share our experiences.

Covet has changed the way we live while opening us to a new world. The learning experiences has shown us natural beauty, and how to appreciate nature. We have developed a small obsession of farming & using plant ingredients in our recipes. We welcome you on this journey with us.

Covet your skin!

Our soaps are small batched and mixed with care. We enjoy using as much of nature's ingredients as possible. They are triangle shaped-it’s kind of our thing. The triangle represents strength & equality. We all deserve health, happiness & love!

Handmade with love from our Farmhouse in Howe, Texas.

-Callie & Colby @COVEThomegrown